Document Recording Checklist

  • Grantor’s signature must be properly notarized.  
  • Deeds and Deeds of Trust must show the draftsman’s name on the first page of the document.
  • Deeds must have Tax Certification obtained from the Ashe County Tax Administrator. This certification must be affixed to the Deed prior to recording. You may print the Tax Certification Form.  
  • Deeds must have grantee address affixed on first page for tax billing purposes.  
  • The grantor must pay the Real Estate Excise Tax at the time of recording. The tax rate is $2.00 per $1,000 of the purchase price of the real estate.  
  • The required recording fees must be paid before recording all documents. The current fees may be found on the Fee Schedule link. 

Recording Standards Effective October 1, 2011

  • Presented on 8 1/2” x 11” or 8 1/2” x 14” paper.
  • Has a blank margin at the top of first page of 3” and 1/2” on remaining sides of the first page and all sides of subsequent pages. 
  • Typed or printed in black on white paper in a legible font that is not smaller than 9 points in size. 
  • Is printed in single-sided pages. 
  • Indicates the type of instrument at the top of the first page. 
  • The new requirements permit blanks to be filled in and corrections to be made by hand in pen.

Please note: If any document presented for recording does not meet ALL of the requirements a fee of $25.00 must be collected for filing a “nonstandard document” G.S. 161-10 (a)(19). This is in addition to the applicable recording fees.
UCCs prepared on the Standard National or State forms are EXEMPT from the recording standards. Also EXEMPT are Notices of Satisfaction, Cancellations and Certificates of Satisfactions.