When a document is presented for registration that consists of multiple instruments, the fee will be $10.00 for each additional instrument. A document consists of multiple instruments when it contains two or more instruments with different legal consequences or intent, each of which is separately executed and acknowledged and could be recorded alone.

Payments are now payable by cash, check, or credit card.  Checks should be made payable to: Ashe County Register of Deed Office.  

Deeds & Instruments in General (effective 10/01/2011)
$26.00 first 15 pages
$4.00 each additional page

Deeds of Trust & Mortgages (effective 10/01/2016)
$64.00 first 35 pages
$4.00 each additional page

Multiple Instruments:  $10.00 for each additional instrument

Re-recorded fees (effective 10/01/11):  applied as an original instrument

Non-Standard Document (10/01/2011):  $25.00 plus recording fees

Additional Assignment Instrument Index References (effective 06/26/12):  $10.00 each

Excessive Recording Data (effective10/01/2015):   more than 20 distinct parties; $2.00 per party listed in excess of twenty (20)

State Hwy Right-of-Way Plans: $21.00 first page plus $5.00 each additional page

Cancellations, Certificate of Satisfaction or Notice of Satisfaction: No Fee

Certified Copy: $ 5.00 first page plus $ 2.00 each additional page

Uncertified Copy: $0.05 per page

Plat Maps: $21.00 per page

Comparing Copy: $ 5.00 per page

Map Copy: $0.05 per page

Map Copy – Color or 18 x 24: $0.30 per page

Excise Tax on Deeds (based on purchase price): $ 2.00 per $1000

Notary Oath: $10.00

Notary Authentication: $5.00 per notary per page

DD-214 (Military Discharge) Recording: No Fee

UCC-1 & UCC-3 Amendment: $38.00 2 pages
(Includes continuation, assignment & termination): $45.00 10 pages plus $2.00 each additional over 10 pages

UCC-11 Request: $30.00 per debtor name

UCC Copy: $1.00 each