The Ashe County Planning Department seeks to create livable and enjoyable environments for all residents and visitors of Ashe County. The Planning Department implements land use regulations through a system of ordinances to promote stable and quality development.

Planning Board

The Ashe County Planning Board consists of five members from different communities throughout the County. A regular Planning Board meeting will be held monthly on the third Thursday at 5:30 p.m.  The meeting will be held at the Ashe County Agricultural Center.  The Agricultural Center is located at 134 Law Enforcement Drive. To be placed on the Planning Board meeting notification email list, please send an email to planning@ashecountygov.com to be added.  Meetings are subject to change. The Planning Board is responsible for administering several of the County’s Land Use Ordinances, including Residential Subdivisions, Mobile Home Parks, Recreational Vehicle Parks and Communications Towers. Board members are offered a minimal compensation for their time and effort, but are obviously involved because of a desire to sustain and protect the quality of life in Ashe County. As responsible members of the community, Planning Board members take very seriously their commitment to fair and logical interpretation of County ordinances.

Current members of the Planning Board are:

David Phipps, Chair
William Carter, Vice Chair
Derek Calhoun
David McMillan
Kelly Carson

All of the Board members can be contacted, or membership applications made through the Planning office at: (336) 846-5528, fax: 336.846.5518 or planning@ashecountygov.com.

Click here to access the Ashe County Title XV Section 155 References Amended and 160D Compliant chapter for review and comment.  This amended ordinance was derived from the State's Model Watershed Ordinance, which was adapted to Ashe County.  Please refer any questions about the chapter to Matthew Levi:  matthew.levi@ashecountygov.com

Creating Outdoor Recreation Economies Survey

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The farmland preservation plan and farmland preservation plan maps are available for download by clicking on the links.

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