Guidelines for Recycling
Ashe County Convenience Centers, Ashe County Landfill, and Dogget Road Recycling Center

The following items can be placed into the single-stream recycling units:

  • Plastics (Clean Food and Beverage Containers) *Items with recycling numbers 1,2,4,5, & 7
  • Metal (Aluminum & Steel Cans, Metal Lids Tops & Jar Rings, Clean/Dry Aluminum Foil)
  • Paper and Non-Corrugated Cardboard (Newspapers & Magazines, Junk Mail, Office Paper & Books)

The following materials must be placed in the other recycling bins.
They must be separated by type and put into the appropriate containers.

  • Cardboard – Corrugated cardboard only. 
  • Glass – Clear glass, brown glass, green glass, no glass from windows, baking dishes, or drinking glasses.
  • Wood Pallets*
  • Electronic Recycling*
  • Batteries*
  • White Goods*
  • Used Oil Filters*
  • Used Tires*

*These items are banned from the landfill. Wooden pallets must be recycled at the landfill itself but all other items can be recycled at any of the convenience centers.