How many decals will I receive?

Each property owner will receive 2 decals by mail. 

Where can I get extra decals?

The Tax Office Will Administer Trash Decals

The Tax Office will administer lost and/or damaged trash decals.  Damaged decals can be replaced for free however the owner must present the damaged decal to be replaced.  Lost decals can be replaced for a
fee of $100.  Each decal has a barcode that will be linked on a database to the homeowner, landlord and out of town property/rental owners. This is to deter illegal reproductions and sales on the black market. 

How will short-term renters get decals?

Guest homes, AirBNBs, and other vacation rentals: will have to determine how best to make decals available. A rental property with cleaning services included after their guests departure will have no need to worry about trash as these services are predominately local and will have their own decals.

If the rental is more informal and requires the renter to dispose of their own trash or the cleaning service is outside the county then a decal could be left in the rental for that purpose. It could be placed on a placard. As a suggestion or one example, a Clear Permit Holders can be purchased from an online retailer and can be left in all rentals that require guests to remove their own trash. And the guest could be charged a small fee if they lose or take the decal, as the owner would have to pay to replace. A suggestion would be to have two in each rental. The same could be done for Family shared cabins & homes.

LONG-TERM RENTALS:  Dumpsters are in place in most cases with Apartment Complexes & Manufactured Home Parks. Landlords with multiple long-term rentals without dumpsters can receive a decal/window cling for each unit he/she rents to be left the renter. If lost, the tenant could ensue the cost of replacing.

Where on vehicles do these decals need to be placed?

For clarity, the “decals” are a STATIC CLING much like the oil-change clings received from most oil change businesses. It will be placed at the top of the windshield on the driver’s side in the same manor. Or as a suggestion for those citizens that take much pride and care in the appearance of their vehicle they could be placed inside a clear permit holder like described above.

What will the County do about illegal dumping?

Illegal dumping is not a new issues, and unfortunately will continue.  The County already enforces illegal dumping of garbage on roadsides, property and along streams and rivers.

Enforcement Includes: Any illegal dumping of garbage, any materials left at convenience centers while closed, scavenging, improper transportation, dumping in waterways, illegal burning, concealment, disposing of recyclable materials. The following fines can and are imposed for these violations:

First offense – $100.00

Second offense – $200.00

Subsequent offenses – $500.00

How will the County enforce?

After the decals go out in January 2023, a 6 month soft enforcement period will begin. People entering the site will be reminded to have their decals visible. Or if they did not receive decals, how to get them. After 6 months, starting July 1st,

How will the change in solid waste fees affect my tax bill?

 July 1, 2023 tax bills will not include a residential solid waste fee. Instead, the County will pay for solid waste through regular property taxes. During the budget process, the County Commissioners will determine what a sufficient amount of the tax rate is to cover solid waste collection and disposal.