Starting in the Summer of 2023, the Ashe County Environmental Services Department will be requiring a decal for vehicles entering and using a convenience center. In addition, the Board of Commissioners will be moving away from a solid waste fee designating a portion of the tax rate for solid waste.

There are several reasons why the Board of Commissioners are moving to this system:

 • decals will easily identify Ashe County property owners/residents who are paying the fees/taxes to operate these facilities;
 • Users without decals will be prohibited from using the sites, since they do not pay solid waste fees to the County; and,
 • Designating a portion of the tax rate for solid waste will uniformly assess “all” users in the County versus the current system that misses some users.

When will this new decal system start?

 • Summer – Fall 2022: information will go out to residents about the change in the system.
 • Winter 2023: decals will be mailed to Ashe County property owners/residents.
 • Spring 2023: County staff will begin soft enforcement of the decal system, and continue to distribute information about the changes.
 • Summer 2023: strict enforcement will begin and those without decals will be turned away or fined.

Have questions about how this system will work?

Please email: or call 336-846-5554.

Questions will not be answered immediately, however, your questions will be answered in future mailings and included on our website.  Click here to the questions and answers page.