Chris Lambert, Tax Administrator

The Ashe County Tax Office, at the direction of the Ashe County Board of Commissioners, is actively pursuing the collection of real and personal property taxes. Foreclosure is the last resort effort of the Tax Office to collect delinquent taxes per North Carolina General Statute 105-374. Before beginning foreclosure proceedings, notice is given to the taxpayer by letters, phone, and notices. Foreclosure is pursued after other forms of enforced collections have been attempted.

Tax foreclosure sales may be processed by:

 Mortgage Style Foreclosures – The Tax Office will refer the account to an attorney who will handle all aspects of the foreclosure proceedings per NCGS 105-374.

 In-Rem Foreclosures – The Tax Office and the Ashe County Attorney will handle all aspects of the foreclosure proceedings per NCGS 105-375.

The taxpayer may redeem the property (pay the delinquent taxes plus any fees and costs) until the foreclosure sale is final per NCGS 105-374(e). Tax foreclosure sales are “AS IS, WHERE IS – BUYER BEWARE”. No warranties, guarantees or representations expressed or implied of any kind are made by Ashe County. All sales are final. It is the buyer’s responsibility to research information concerning the property prior to the sale.

Bidding on Foreclosure Property: The minimum bid amount for the sale will be announced prior to the sale. A deposit of twenty percent (20%) of the minimum bid amount will be required following the sale. The balance of the price bid must be paid at the end of the ten (10) day upset period and confirmation of the end of the sale.  There is a ten (10) day UPSET BID period in which the high bid may be upset by filing an Upset Bid with the Clerk of Superior Court. Upset bids must be at least $750 or 5% higher than the original bid amount, whichever is higher.

Notice of Sale: Tax foreclosure sales will be advertised in a local newspaper prior to the sale date. Additional information concerning the sale and the property may be
posted on the Ashe County website under Tax Administration.

Tax foreclosure sales will be held at:
Ashe County Courthouse
150 Government Circle
Jefferson, NC 28640

For additional information about Ashe County Tax Foreclosures contact:
Elisabeth Nelson, ext. 120
Kate Helmick, ext. 125

Pending Tax Foreclosures as of 4/27/2018