The lists below are to notify taxpayers of real and personal property taxes that are delinquent. Ashe County Tax Office may use enforced collection action(s) to collect these delinquent taxes. These actions include, but are not limited to, garnishment of wages, attachment of bank accounts, rents, debts, seizure and sale of personal property, and/or foreclosure and sale of real property. (NCGS 105-365 – 105-368)  Enforced collection remedies on real and personal property can only be used within 10 years from the due date. (NCGS 105-378)  However, all delinquent taxes remain a lien on real property and must be collected prior to the recording of a General Warranty Deed transferring title per North Carolina House Bill 787.  Interest will be added monthly to all property taxes paid on or after January 6 following the due date of the tax bill. Interest accrues at the rate of two (2) % for the first calendar month and three-fourths (¾) % for each subsequent month until paid.  The tax and interest charges are non-negotiable.


 Delinquent Taxpayers List as of 4/15/2018