Community News:

Click here to learn more about North Carolina ePASS. You can learn if you are potentially eligible for Medical Assistance and Food and Nutrition Services benefits by completing an electronic pre-assessment screening.

Social Services Board of Ashe County-  The board will hold regular month meetings at the Ashe County Courthouse.  These meetings are open to the public and will begin at 11:00 am.  Please click the link to download the meeting schedule.

The Ashe County Department of Social Services is located on the first floor of the new county courthouse. Following are the services provided by our agency and the direct telephone numbers to each service.

Child Support: 336.982.7820 Fax: 336.982.7827

Children’s Services: 336.982.7800 Fax: 336.982.7809

Medicaid & Medicaid Transportation: 336.846.5720 Fax: 336.846.5895 and 336.846.5764

Adult Services: 336.846.5644 Fax: 336.846.5779

Food & Nutrition Services: 336.846.5719 Fax: 336.846.5895 

Work First, & Daycare Assistance:  336.846.5644 Fax: 336.846.5779

Administration or inquiries: 336.846.5644 Fax: 336.846.5779