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The Ashe County Board of Elections’ duty is to conduct fair, honest and impartial elections so that all citizens have the chance to exercise their right to vote. The Board of Elections is responsible for conducting all elections including federal, state, county, municipal and special referenda. The Ashe County Board Of Elections operates in accordance with North Carolina General Statutes, Chapter 163.

For more information on the Voter Information Verification Act or “VIVA” (S.L. 2013-381) please click here.

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§ 163-258.16.  Publication of election notice.

(a)        Not later than 100 days before a regularly scheduled election to which this Article applies, and as soon as practicable in the case of an election or vacancy election not regularly scheduled, each county board of elections shall prepare an election notice for that jurisdiction to be used in conjunction with the federal write-in absentee ballot described in G.S. 163-258.11. For a second primary required by G.S. 163-111, the county board of elections shall prepare, no later than the day following the date the appropriate board of elections orders that a second primary be held, an election notice for that jurisdiction to be used in conjunction with the federal write-in absentee ballot. The election notice shall contain a list of all of the ballot measures and federal, State, and local offices that, as of that date, the official expects to be on the ballot on the date of the election. The notice also shall contain specific instructions for how a voter is to indicate on the federal write-in absentee ballot the voter’s choice for each office to be filled and for each ballot measure to be contested.

(b)        A covered voter may request a copy of an election notice. The official charged with preparing the election notice shall send the notice to the voter by facsimile, electronic mail, or regular mail, as the voter requests.

(c)        As soon as ballot styles are printed, the county board of elections shall update the notice with the certified candidates for each office and ballot measure questions and make the updated notice publicly available.

(d)       A county board of elections that maintains an Internet Web site shall make updated versions of its election notices regularly available on the Web site.  (2011-182, s. 1.)