The Ashe County Sheriff’s Office came into existence in 1800 to provide law and order for its citizens.   Since that time, 40 men have served as Sheriff.  Sheriff George Lee Phillips died when he washed off his horse trying to cross the flooded Yadkin River on September 23, 1843.  He was on his way to Raleigh to deliver the county taxes.  He had served since 1834.  Sheriff Phillips is the only Sheriff to have lost his life while serving the County.  Sheriff Jim Hartley was the first Sheriff ever elected to 4 terms.  Sheriff James Williams was the first Sheriff to ever run unopposed in an election for the Office of Sheriff.

While the sole purpose of the Office of Sheriff has been to protect and serve the citizens of Ashe County, law enforcement has seen many changes.  The current Office is attempting to stay up to date in our ever changing technological world.  There are now divisions to handle regular patrol duties, narcotics, property crimes, child abuse, sexual assaults, and civil offenses. 

The goal of the Ashe County Sheriff’s Office is to continue to protect and serve the citizens of Ashe County; to respect the constitutional rights of our citizens to life, liberty, and justice; to perform our duties as Law Enforcement Officers with dignity and respect as we accept the challenges that confront us daily.

We will strive to be positive, professional, and impartial while carrying out our duties and upholding the law with honor

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