Board of Elections Service List

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The County Board of Elections is responsible for accepting voter applications, verifying those applicants through the mail and maintaining the voter rolls. For a person to be eligible to vote they must be:

  1. A United States Citizen, or a naturalized citizen;
  2. 18 years old by the time of the next general election;
  3. Have no felony convictions, if the person has a past felony conviction all citizenship rights must have been restored to be eligible;
  4. Live in their residence at least 30 days preceding an election.


Voter registration ends 25 days prior to an election at 5pm. If submitted by mail, a registration form must be postmarked 25 days prior to the election. If submitted by fax or scanned, a permanent copy must be received no later than 20 days prior to the election.

In the case a person misses the registration deadline, there is an option to register and vote during the one-stop voting period. The same qualifications apply with the addition of providing proof of residence. A valid document shows the person’s current name and current address. Valid documents include a NC driver’s license, a photo ID from a government agency or the State Board of Elections may designate additional documents or methods.

A voter registration form includes the following:

  1. Are you a US citizen?
  2. Will you be 18 years or older on or before general election day?
  3. Name
  4. Date of birth
  5. State of birth
  6. NC driver’s license number or last 4 digits of social security number
  7. Residence address
  8. Mailing address
  9. Gender
  10. Race/ethnicity
  11. Political party affiliation
  12. Previous name and address used for voter registration (if applicable)

Where can you get a voter registration form?

  • Board of Elections office
  • NC Driver License office
  • Social Services
  • Public Library
  • High School
  • Online – Redirects to NC State Board of Elections where you can fill out the form online.



Federal Elections
(Primary, Secondary, General)

Primary – Tuesday after the first Monday in May.

Second Primary – If a second primary is required, it will be held 7 weeks after the first primary..

General – Tuesday after the first Monday in November.

Federal elections are held in even numbered years, with presidential elections every four years.

Municipal Elections

Ashe County has 3 municipalities: Jefferson, Lansing and West Jefferson. These municipalities elect a mayor and 5 alderman to represent them. Elections are held in odd numbered years. Those eligible to vote must live within the city limits.

To file for the office of mayor or alderman, one must reside in and be registered to vote within the municipality. Filing begins 12pm on the first Friday in July and closes 12pm on the 3rd Friday in July. Filing fee is $5 for Jefferson and Lansing and West Jefferson is 1% of the annual salary.

Municipalities in North Carolina are given the option of having one-stop early voting and sending out absentee ballots. Ashe County municipalities have chosen not to have either.

One-Stop No Excuse Absentee Voting

One-stop or early voting may begin no earlier than the 3rd Thursday before the election and ends no later than 1pm on the last Saturday before the election. One-stop voting consists of the voter stating their name and address and signing an application stating that the information given is true. Then the voter may cast their ballot immediately at the one-stop site.

Currently, Ashe County has only 1 one-stop voting site at the Board of Elections office in the Ashe County Courthouse. Hours of operation vary from election to election.

Absentee Voting

Any qualified voter may vote by absentee ballot in a statewide primary, general or special election. Absentee voting begins 50 days prior to election date and in the case of a second primary, absentee ballots will be provided as quickly as possible. When requesting an absentee ballot the voter needs to provide their name, residence address, mailing address and party affiliation. The voter will then receive a ballot, an application on the container-return envelope and an instruction sheet by mail. The voter than marks the ballot as they wish, seals it in the container-return envelope and signs the application on the envelope and returns it to the Board of Elections Office. Absentee voting for Municipal Elections, please see the Municipal section.

Candidate Filing

Candidates seeking party primary nominations for state offices may file with the State Board of Elections starting at 12pm on the 2nd Monday in February and closing on the last business day in February at 12pm. These offices would include; Governor, Lieutenant Governor, all State executive officers, United States Senators, Members of the U.S. House of Representatives and district attorneys.

Those candidates seeking party primary nominations for State Senators, Members of the State House of Representatives or any county office may file with the county board of elections during the same time period.

At the time of filing, the candidate must pay a filing fee. For the offices of Governor, Lieutenant Governor, all district attorneys in the General Court of Justice, United Sates Senator, members of the US House of Representatives, State Senator, member of the State House of Representatives and all county offices not compensated by fees, pay 1% of the annual salary. All county offices compensated partly by salary and partly by fees pay 1% of the first annual salary to be received (excluding fees).